John - Voted 2nd best 
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I’m sorry about the camera shaking in this. I got my friend John while we were shooting a sketch and he played a hitman. Seeing him pose for the camera so seriously wearing that outfit killed me.

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  1. that is BEYOND funny.

  2. Hahahahahahahaha

    Are you taking submissions? I’m going to get me some good ones this weekend.


  3. I like how he’s really polite and sorta pissed off at the same time. Seems like a nice guy.

  4. A hitman has to look like John Travolta in Pulp Fiction now?

  5. HAHHAH this one is hilarious before you even click “play” haha well done, Dipp, well done. John, you’re my hero, that look on your face and the suit are priceless.

  6. Greate site. Made my day. This guy had me crying.

  7. I love how EVERYONE you know uses the F word so casually! Too funny.

  8. I love your site
    this is *so* something that I would do to my friends
    great job!

  9. Fuck you, Katie Dippold.

  10. Too Funny!

  11. HAHHAH this one is (really) hilarious before you even click “play” button hahahaha well done, I love you, well done. John, you’re my hero (not anyoine elses), that look on your face (and my face) and the painting are priceless.

  12. These are hillarious! I’ll try my best to get a few (a lot!) of these over the weekend to send in. It’s a great and hillarious idea!

  13. great!
    new material for me!
    im going to be uploading a storm!

  14. Holy schnikies, that is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I laughed so hard I cried. Thank you.

  15. Best one!!!

  16. So funny but - even better - this man is Cute! And that voice! I want his number :-)

  17. THANK YOU!

  18. I swear this is a guy that I work with, does he sell cable for a living? Hagan?

  19. Who’s Katie Dippold? dippold from Improv Everywhere? Is the author of this site Dippold?

  20. I love this guy! he’s amazing.
    Gotta try this on my mates! wkd.

  21. goddamned hilarious….John is the best and your father is too…absolutely hysterical— Bravo. John is an actor? Very talented guy in a Vince Vaughn kind of way…you guys are a scream.

  22. This is defiantely my favorite one. I like how he “shakes out” his urge to laugh as he wants to appear like a cold contracted killer. Hilarious.

  23. Wow, this made my day. Great posing by the guy, I love when he first starts thinking it’s fake and goes back to strike the pose perfectly again, HILARIOUS!

  24. OHMYGOD, He’s a HOTTIE:) Your site ROCKS!

  25. This is HILARIOUS!!! I love how he says “cheese” in a hitman kinda way.

  26. Hilarious !
    Thank you..

  27. OMG, this stuff if too funny! I love this guy too… whatta cutie!
    I just got Kodak Easy Share camera that does video too… I’ve GOT to try this with some of my friends too. :)
    Thanks for the idea…

  28. Hillarious!

  29. lol john, yer the fucking shit. good stuff man.

  30. i love u john

  31. That guy is one cool dude it’s so funny how he’s so serious but everything he says cracks you up funny shit dude. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  32. Thats brillant, that guy pwns.

  33. lmao that is hilarious! im soooo doing this to my family and friends!

  34. This is the funniest thing I have seen for ages! You know when you laugh so much that no more sound comes out, but you can’t take a breath and your stomach muscles are killing you? ohmigod, this is so funny. I was out of control when I watched it the first time. I still laugh at it, even though I’ve replayed it almost a dozen times. I’m about to email all my friends with the URL on this one. Well done. John, you rock!

  35. your video HILARIOUS!! thanks

  36. Blew my drink out my nose when his voice wavered.

  37. this one is my favorite!! Great!

  38. Good to see John still has his chops…
    Dear god, what a random thing to stumble over…

  39. so good

  40. He looks a bit like Frank Whaley - an actor - at times!

  41. hah i spit on my screen ..laughing..

  42. This should be the top one!! great pose.

  43. Do you really know what you’re doing?
    LOL. This guy kills me.

  44. This is the best one. He’s great looking, catches on quickly, and did I mention he’s great looking?

  45. This dude remained cool even in an “assed-out” scenero. He’s cooler than me for real.

  46. This is by far the funniest.

  47. haha what did he do when he found out it was uploaded 2 the internet!

  48. haha this is so funny, ur a legend mate! =)

  49. This was great!!

  50. Is this guy from fast times? the ticket scalper?


  52. lol…I cant stop laughing….that guy is so funny

  53. Too funny…and he’s all kinds of hot.

  54. Kat Von D…

    I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read….

  55. So glad I stumbled across this. Brilliant!!!

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